Something you need to know about segmented casing

Segmented casing, generally is used in pile foundation.

The casing has 3 main functions: 

1)Supporting the hole wall to prevent hole collapse

2)Guiding to prevent deviation holes

3)Prevent groundwater from infiltrating and affecting hole formation

So the segmented casing is very important in projects closed to high-rise buildings, bridge and tunnel etc. sensitive areas.

The segmented casing mainly consists of four parts: 

1)Casing drive

The casing drive of rotary casing refers to the mechanism or device that drives the segmented  casing to rotate. Casing drives can vary depending on the type and application. Generally speaking, the casing drive includes motor, reducer, coupling and rotary excavating mechanism. The motor is the device that provides power. The reducer reduces the motor speed to a speed suitable for the rotation of the segmented casing. The coupling is the component connecting the motor and the reducer. The rotary excavating mechanism ultimately drives the segmented casing. The mechanism by which the casing rotates.

The casing drive can realize automatic control of rotary casing and improve construction efficiency and quality. At the same time, the casing drive can also be adjusted and controlled according to different geological conditions and construction needs to ensure that the rotary casing can adapt to different construction environments.


3)Casing joint

The casing joint is a special casing joint specially used to connect casing during the construction of rotary drilling rigs. It has the following characteristics:

- Highly flexible: The casing joint can adapt to various complex construction environments and can achieve quick connection and disassembly to facilitate construction operations.

- High strength: The casing joints are made of high-strength materials, which can withstand large pressure and tension, ensuring the stability and safety of the casing. Q345B coil welding and 25CrMo casting or forging are optional.

- Strong durability: The casing joint has a long service life and can maintain good performance in harsh construction environments.

- Good sealing: The casing joint adopts advanced sealing technology to ensure that the joint does not leak water or air, improving construction quality and safety.

4)Casing boots

The casing boot is a device used by rotary drilling rigs during construction. It is used in conjunction with the rotary casing to protect the casing and drilling tools and improve drilling efficiency. The casing boots are usually made of high-strength materials with high wear resistance and impact resistance, and can adapt to various complex construction environments. At the same time, casing boots can also be customized according to different construction needs to meet the needs of different projects.

Segmented casings are sometimes confused with casings, so what is the difference between segmented casings and casings?

The biggest difference between segmented casing and casing is the range of formations used. The casings can only be used in soft formation such as soil and sand etc. While the segmented casings can be used in various formation, including soil, sand and rock formation etc.

Single-walled Casings & Accessories for Bored Piling Construction

Besides, the structure between segmented casings and casings are also different. The structure of the segmented casing is usually more complex than the casing. Segmented casing is generally composed of multiple layers of pipes and annular seams. Since it needs to withstand the greater pressure generated by the oil layer, thicker pipes need to be used where the segmented casing is closer to the bottom of the well. The casing is generally a steel pipe with a thin wall. The wall thickness ranges from a few millimeters to more than ten millimeters, and the length is generally no more than 30 meters. It is easy to disassemble and install.

How can segmented casing be classified?

First, the segmented casings can be divided into single wall casing and double wall casing. The choice between single-walled casing and double-walled casing depends on the specific goals and requirements of the drilling or sampling project. For more details, please find this article.

Second, we supply segmented casing with different length. 1m/2m/3m/4m/5m/6m are our general lengths. Other lengths and diameters can be customized based on your projects.

Then how to set the segmented casing in construction projects?

There are 3 ways to setting it. If the depth need to drill is less than 20m, we can set casings by rotary drilling rig.

If the depth is more than 20m but less than 60m, we can use the casing oscillators.

Low noise and Low Power Loss Casing Oscillators for 600-2000MM Diameter

If the depth is more than 60m, we can use the casing rotator.

Casing Rotator 800mm-3500mm Diameter 360 Degree Rotation Over 1000KNM Torque

All products mentioned above we offer. Welcome to contact us if any needs.

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