Low noise Hydraulic Casing Oscillators for 600-2000MM Diameter

Hydraulic Casing Oscillators


Application: Foundation pile, Secant pile wall, Removable of abandoned foundation pile and barrier etc.


Type: Hammer Grab Type, Rotary Rig Type.


Model: CGJ1200, CGJ1500, CGJ1800, CGJ2000.


Diameter range: 600-2000MM.



Casing Oscillator is strongly advised in all casing methods drilling of pile foundation .

The machine excels at driving and retracting the casing due to its superior oscillating torque and lifting force.
When used in conjunction with the Hammer Grab, it exhibits fast excavating speed due to its large jaw volume and is suitable for excavating gravel and boulder layers.


With its superior oscillating torque and lifting force, the machine shows the best performance of driving and retracting the casing. It is a multi-function, energy-saving and environmental protection equipment. The machine’s low noise, high efficiency and low power loss have achieved international advanced level, which is able to reduce noise pollution by up to 70%.


The casing oscillator also has a high-tech safety system that comes with gas blowout prevention, a pressure relief valve, and a quick release lever for easy disconnection.


The casing oscillator’s design and construction are based on many years of collaboration with companies specializing in pile foundations. Given the high costs that would result from a breakdown of the equipment on-site, a strong emphasis has been placed on exceptionally strong construction.




1. Two main optional type: CG series for Rotary drilling rig, Hammer Grab series for crawler crane.

2.PLC function: automatic oscillating and automatic change the direction, fast oscillating, remote control operation.

3.With separate controlling system, to realize the biggest capacity ,lifting force, oscillating force to the maximum.

4.Safty production: it has warning system when it reach the low hydraulic oil level or if the filter was blocked.

5.Energy saving: with cooling system, can save the energy.It will circle when it works, if no works, it will remain the standby state.

Type CGJ1200 CGJ1500 CGJ1800 CGJ2000
Max. casing dia. mm 600~1200 800~ 1500 1000~1800 1200~2000
Oscillating torque KN.m 1200 1900 2560 2860
Stroke mm 500 500 500 500
Lifting force KN 1560 1880 2280 2280
Clamping force KN 1500 2100 2100 2250
Size of LWH mm 6500*2400*1700 6550*2550*1850 7200*2900*1850 7600*3100*1750
Weight Kg 18000 22000 25000 26000

1.Environmental sound and safety foundation drilling method (drilling and grout with casing, no mud).

2.Widely used in difficult formations where there is a risk of collapse or broken formation, such as quicksand, flowing and plastic soils, high pressure groundwater formations, gravel and detritus-type soils etc.

3.High quality for cast in-situ pile and secant pile wall.



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