Technical Support

More than a drilling tools supplier, Drillmaster are a leading solution provider for foundation engineering. With a group of first-class piling experts, mechanical&civil engineers as our consultants, We are always ready to supply technical support to your projects.

  • Guo Chuanxin
    1. Director of Technical Center, Research Fellow of Beijing Building Mechanization Institute, under China Academy of Building Research
    2. Secretary-General of Piling Machinery Branch, under China Engineering Machinery Academy
    3. Deputy Secretary-General of Piling Machinery Branch,under China Engineering Machinery Association
  • Shui Junfeng
    1. Master of Civil Engineering
    2. Senior Engineer
    3. Director of Beijing Unidrill Technology Co., Ltd.
    4. Committee Member of China Engineering Machinery Academy
  • Song Zhibin
    1. PhD of Civil Engineering, Professor, Senior Engineer
    2. Chief Engineer of Institute of Geophysical and Geochemical Exploration (IGGE), under the Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences(CAGS)
    3. Deputy Director-General of Hebei Province Geology Society
  • Wei Chuiyong
    1. Chief Engineer of China’s first Casing Rotator
    2. Designer of Casing Rotators from Dia.1500mm-3500mm
    3. Constitutor of Casing Rotator Industry Standard
  • Yu Chunhe
    1. Chief Engineer of Unimate Hydraulic Pile Breakers
    2. Inventor of Prepositional-Stress Pile Breakers
  • Li Qiangjun
    1. Chief Engineer of Unimate Desanding Equipment
    2. Over 10 Years’ Experience in Mud-Treatment and Soild Control Technology Development
  • Yang Zhengdong
    1. Chief Engineer of Round Shank Chisels
    2. Over 10 Years’ Experience in R & D of Tungsten Carbide and Round Shank Chisels