Double-walled Segmental Casings Temporary Casing Customizable

Application: Pile foundation engineering; Full casing construction.


Type: Double-Walled Casing Tube & Single-Walled Casing Tube.


Diameter and length are customizable.



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Steel Casings for Cased Bored Piles Construction


Unimate Casings are the ideal choice for drilled shaft bored piles construction. It’s effective for many applications in foundation construction and works both as temporary and permanent casing.

Unimate Segmental casing was chosen by more than 4000 customers for a number of reasons.

  1. Ensuring critical positional and verticality construction tolerances
  2. Provide safety protection to an open bore
  3. Protect existing and underground structures


How to setting the segmental casing?


The casing is setted by a rotary drilling machine or oscillation.


Unimate offers a full range of casings, casing joints, casing shoes, and accessories designed to meet the rigorous demands of fully cased pile boring for large diameter and deep foundations in the most difficult soil conditions, including hard rock and other complicated geological environments.





  1. Casing tube is different from temporary casing, according to its structure can be divided into single-wall casing and double-wall casing; according to length can be divided into single section 1m, 2m, 3m, 4m, 5m, 6m  casing section.
  2. Since the casing is equipped with cemented carbide cutting teeth, any soil quality can be adapted, especially when it encounters rock layers, egg layers, isolated layers and so on, so it has a wide range of uses.
  3. Construction on soft soil foundation, because the casing will not collapse by first pressing in, so no protective measures are required.
  4. In the connection mode of the casing, the button type male / female joint is adopted, and the number of joints varies depending on the casing diameter. This connection method is in line with international standards to ensure the versatility of domestic / international markets.

Diameter and length are customizable.

Diameter Length Casing-wall








D1/D2 1m 2m 3m 4m 5m 6m a1 a2 t2 bolts
(mm) Weight(kg) (mm) (mm) (mm) (nos)
620/540 403 739 1074 1411 1747 2081 12 8 40 8
750/670 492 902 1311 1722 2131 2540 12 8 40 10
880/800 585 1069 1552 2036 2520 3005 12 8 40 10
1000/920 669 1221 1773 2328 2877 3429 12 8 40 10
1180/1100 844 1580 2316 3052 3787 4522 16 8 40 12
1200/1120 872 1620 2370 3120 3870 4620 16 8 40 12
1300/1220 933 1746 2558 3372 4184 4996 16 8 40 12
1500/1400 1433 2628 3817 5009 6210 7393 20 10 50 12
1800/1700 1730 3166 4602 6038 7474 8910 20 10 50 16
2000/1880 2450 4280 6110 7940 9770 11600 20 15 60 16
2200/2080 2700 4720 6740 8760 10780 12800 20 15 60 16
2500/2380 2960 5240 7520 9800 12080 14360 20 15 60 16


1) No mud discharge, truly green and environmental protection;

2) Solve the problem of wall protection and drilling of the rotary drilling rig in the complex sand layer, fluid plastic silt layer, backfill layer, pebble layer, etc .;

3) The guiding effect of the casing itself can be used to control the verticality of the pile;

4) There is no effect of mud and sediment caused by mud wall protection on the weakening of the bearing capacity of the bored pile, so that the lateral friction resistance and bearing capacity of the pile are greatly improved compared with other pile types;

5) Avoid the quality problems such as shrinkage, broken piles and concrete segregation that may occur in general cast-in-place piles.

6) The problem of hole wall collapse of the upper unstable section caused by suction and disturbance during drilling is completely avoided.

Packing and Delivery


Segmental Casing Catalogue
(PDF,2 MB)

Unimate also offers accessories like casing drive adapter, casing joints and casing shoes/block, etc.

The development of a casing shoe fitted with pin-on teeth is the result of years of experience of drilling casing boreholes in difficult soil formations. The casing shoe is particularly suitable for formation of rock sockets and the construction of bored pile walls.


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