How to use the pile breaker?

The pile breaker is a key component that greatly improves work efficiency when breaking concrete pile heads. Then how to use a pile breaker?

  1. Determine the work site, ensure that the site is flat, free of obstacles, and has enough space for operation.
  2. Select the appropriate pile cutter model and specifications according to the type and size of the pile to be cut.
  1. Count the number of parts to ensure that all parts are complete.
  2. Inspect and remove the damage caused by the processing surface and threads of the parts during loading and unloading.
  3. Remove the protective coating applied to the processing surface during packaging, as well as dust and dirt dropped during transportation.
  1. Determine the location and number of broken piles: Clear the surrounding obstacles and determine the location and number of piles to be broken.
  2. Move the excavator to the appropriate position: Ensure that the excavator body is stable and move to the location of the broken pile.
  3. Install the pile cutter:

1)Determine the number of combined modules according to the diameter of the construction pile and refer to the construction reference parameter table.

2)Install cylinder into the module

3)Make the cylinder match up with the notch

4)Aign screw holes of the cylinder and the module

5)Tighten all screws

6)Install the flange and align the screw holes

7)Tighten all screws

Then the module is successfully assembled

8)Repeat the previous operations to complete the assembly ofthe rest modules

9)Orient installed modules in the same direction

10)First, install the pin into the larger pin hole

11)The number of smaller pins changes with modules so do pin holes. Next, we will show you how to connect these modules.

12)Find and confirm the two pin holes

13)Align the holes and install the smaller pin

14)Adjacent modules are connected with corresponding oil cylinders, and the oil inlet and outlet interfaces are matched.

15)Remove the bucket of the excavator, hang the lifting chain of the pile cutter at the connecting shaft between the bucket and the boom, and ensure that it is firmly installed.

Adjust the working parameters of the pile breaker, such as the breaking force and frequency, to meet the breaking requirements of different piles.

  1. Aim the breaking part of the pile breaker at the pile and start operation.
  2. Continue to operate the pile breaker until the pile is completely broken.

Use the excavator bucket to remove the remaining piles and materials to keep the work site clean.

What errors are likely to occur when using a pile breaker?

The length of each pile cut is not determined according to the power of the excavator, which may result in insufficient lifting force of the excavator and inability to transport concrete after pile cutting.

The work area is not cleaned, and there are debris or obstacles, which affects the operation and safety of the pile breaker.

No obvious warning signs or temporary fences are set up, and people are not restricted from entering the work area, which increases the risk of safety accidents.

The pile cutting tools and equipment are not checked, and there may be faults or wear, which affects the effect and safety of pile cutting.

The cutting tool is not sharp or installed incorrectly, resulting in poor pile cutting effect and even damage to the pile breaker.

The cutting speed is too fast or too slow. Too fast may cause the pile breaker to overload or damage, and too slow will affect work efficiency.

Failure to monitor the cutting progress during the cutting process may result in inaccurate cutting or exceed the design requirements.

The operator does not wear necessary personal protective equipment, such as safety helmets, protective glasses, protective gloves, etc.

The operator is distracted or fatigued, and does not stay alert and focused, which may lead to safety accidents.

Failure to pay attention to on-site construction power safety, and failure to adjust the cable of the pile breaker synchronously during the machine moving operation may cause the cables to cross and entangle, causing electrical accidents.

In the process of pile head crushing, the waste materials of the engineering pile head were not reasonably utilized, resulting in waste of resources.

The slag generated after pile cutting was not properly handled, which may cause pollution to the environment.

But generally, the installation and using of our pile breaker is easy, and our engineers can provide online technical support if any curious. So please don't worry about the using.

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