Hydraulic Round Pile Breaker & Pile Cutting Machine

Hydraulic Pile Breaker

Brand: Unimate

Models: SP800

Warranty: 1 Year

Application: Breaking down the concrete pile header for foundation pile


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Effective Concrete Pile Breaker & Pile Cutting Machine

For pile foundation, chopping concrete piles can be challenging, especially with strict site norms. And the traditional manual way is no longer applicable due to its inefficiency and a host of other potential hazards. You will need a revolutionary way to dismantle pile concrete to cut-off level.

Unimate Pile Breaker is an efficient, economical, clean and advanced system for cutting concrete outcrops and foundation piles.

The modular design makes the pile breaker extremely easy to crush concrete piles of different diameter at the jobsite. Additionally, each module contains a separate cylinder and brazing rod system. With the help of hydraulic pressure, the oil cylinder drives the brazing rod to squeeze the pile.

Thanks to this way of working, no cracks and damage will be caused to the pile and reinforcement underground. Also, thanks to the independent modular structure, air and noise pollution in construction sites will be reduced significantly.

When it comes to the efficiency of our pile crusher, we have the detailed data to back it up. The traditional way of crushing normally takes one day for one pile. However, the Unimate pile breaker is more than 10 times faster than the traditional breaking process due to its automatic process.

Easy To Assemble

The concrete pile breaker is easy to operate and maintain because it does not require special skills. And we will offer comprehensive installation and maintenance instruction. Our instructions include all the information you need to install and operate the pile breaker, ensuring that you can get the most out of them. If necessary, we can also provide video instruction. 

Simple and flexible way For pile foundation

SP800 Convert To A Square Pile Crusher

SP800 pile breaker consists of 16 modules. Each module is identical. Different numbers of modules can be assembled to form a pile cutter for different pile diameters. In addition, with 4 adapters (purchase additional), you will get a new square pile breaker which cuts square piles range from 150mm to 600mm.

For large concrete piles up to 2.5m!

A pile breaking machine which consists of 6 modules could cut piles between 45 to 60cm. Moreover, with 16 modules, it could break piles up to 2.5m in diameter. The following table shows more details.


SP800 (a group of 16 modules)
Model Sp800
Max. cutting diameter (mm) Φ450﹣Φ2500
Max. hydraulic cylinder pressure force (Mpa) 24.3
Cutting capacity (pcs/hour) 200-100/8
Max. height of a single crush (mm) ≤300
Excavator tonnage (t) ≥35
Single module weight (kg) 381
Single module dimension (L*W*H) 908×780×400
Operation dimension Φ3200×3000
Total weight (t) 6.4



SP800 parameters
Module Qty 6 7 8 9 10 11 13 14 15 16
Cutting range (mm) 450-600 650-800 850-1000 950-1200 1150-1400 1350-1600 1650-1800 1850-2100 2050-2300 2250-2500
Excavator tonnage (t) 20 22 26 27 30 32 35 35 40 46
Total weight (kg) 2400 2800 3200 3600 4000 4400 5200 5600 6000 6400
Height of a single crush (mm) 300 300 300 300 300 300 300 300 300 300



    • Environmental, low noise and dust.
    • Efficient and Economic, cutting 20-100 piles per day.
    • Stable, no destabilisation of underground piles.
    • Flexible, assemble modules like building blocks to fit piles of different diameters and shapes.
    • Convenient, modules can be disassembled for transport and assembly.
One-year limited warranty on the machine and accessories. This limited warranty does not cover wear parts(elastic pins, sealing rings and alloy heads). But for these wear parts, we will also provide some extra when packing.
Packing and Delivery


Pile Breaker Catalogue
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