How many kinds of drilling bit for choose?

Drill bits play a important role in pile foundation, generally used with drilling tools. Usually the holder will be welded to the drilling tool, and the drill bits are installed on the matching holder for operation.

As the biggest drilling bits exporter in China, we have various types and models for choose.

Drilling bits mainly include following 6 types, and the first 3 types are more commonly used.

Soil teeth

The cutting attachments used to drill holes in the ground for installing posts and foundations.

Our Unimate soil teeth consist of teeth, adapters, pins and pads 4 parts. The material is 42CrMo(HRC 49-52).

Rotary bullet bit

The rotary cutting pick is a construction machine used for hole forming operations in building foundation projects. It is mainly suitable for construction in soil layers such as sand, clay soil, and powdery soil. It is also used in various foundation foundations such as cast-in-place piles, continuous walls, and foundation reinforcement. It is widely used in construction.

Our B47K series rotary bullet bits consists of body and tip 2 parts. The material of body is 42CrMo(HRC 49-52), and material of body is Tungsten Carbide Alloy YG11C(HRC 55-58).

Rock roller bit

Also known as a roller cone bit or rock bit, is a specialized cutting tool used in the drilling industry, particularly for drilling into hard rock formations. It is a critical component of rotary drilling equipment, including oil and gas drilling rigs, water well drilling rigs, and mining drills. The rock roller bit is designed to crush or break apart hard rock formations during the drilling process.

About Rock Breaking Mechanism of rock roller bits, mainly including 4 steps: Revolution, Rotation, Sliding and Longitudinal vibration.

The rock breaking state of rocks with different hardness is different, and the impact of bit weight and rotation speed on it is also different. Therefore, the factors of lithology and rock breaking time should be taken into account in the speed and rotation speed of the bit.

If you’d like to know more details, please check here.

Coal Mining Teeth

Tools used on mining machinery such as tunnel boring machines and shearers to directly break rocks and drop coal. They are mainly used to cut coal and rock, and are generally used in conjunction with tooth sleeves and tooth seats.

Trenching Teeth

Can be used in small trenching machines, yam trenching, cement pavement trenching, asphalt trenching and other scenarios.

Road Milling Teeth

Wear parts of the milling machine that directly act on the road surface. It can be used for road renovation, road repaving, and road repair; it can also be used for milling and roughening of roads, squares, and bridges; and it can also be used for trench milling and grooving operations.

Besides, we also have Pengo teeth, casing shoe teeth and diaphragm wall cutter teeth etc.

We know how many kinds of drilling bits now, then how to find the quality drilling bits, our following 3 articles will tell you answers.

- Material

- Design

- Welding

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