How could cut the concrete pile header quickly?

Still do the concrete pile header cutting job in the the traditional way? How about use pile cutter machine instead? Whose cutting over is 20 times faster than manual operation. Breaking by labor, only about 2pcs piles per day within 8 working hours, however, if use pile cutter machine, it could cut 30pcs piles per day over the same period of time. Besides, it is safe to use pile cutter machine to do the concrete pile head cutting work, meanwhile, with low noice and dust free.

Pile cutter is also called pile breaker. Pile breaker is a small and special tool used to cut 1-2 meters of concrete pile head above the ground leaving only the reinforcement cage. In the past, the piles were cut by labor, through the use of pile breaker, the efficiency of pile breaking is greatly improved, making this work simpler and safer.