Why you need a pile breaker to do concrete pile cutting work?

When do the foundation construction, engineering companies know that they have to break down the piles which they have built? At present, there are still some countries that use manpower to break down the piles, so, what are the disadvantages of using manpower to do the pile cutter work?

For concrete piles, people use a hand-held crushing hammer to do the brake work, there is a certain risk, it’s dangerous, workers are vulnerable to injury. And, for manpower broken pile, it will take a long time to break a pile. If companies want to expedite the progress of the project, they have to hire multiple workers at the same time, the labor cost will be expensive. Besides, for manpower broken pile, the noise is very loud.

If use pile breaker to do the pile cutting work, it doesn’t need any person to operate it, pile breaker could be connected with the excavator, it only needs an excavator operator. More importantly, when the concrete pile cutter ( pile breaker) is working, it won’t destroy the parent of the pile's body. Drillmaster pile breaker is many times faster than that of traditional concrete pile broken process. Breaking piles by manual break only breaks 1-2 piles per day, however, it will break 20-30 piles by Drillmaster concrete pile breaker, which will greatly improve the working efficiency and save the project cost for foundation companies.