Why choose Unimate pile breaker?

Pile breaker is a new way to cut concrete pile,which will improve the cutting efficiency a lot. Now in China, more and more job sites are using it.

We have two types of Pile breakers.One is the round pile breaker, cut round pile from 500mm-2000mm. Another is the square pile breaker, cut the square pile from 300mm to 500mm.

About 3 to 5 piles a worker can cut one day, depends on the pile diameter and height. If use pile breaker can cut from 30 to 100pcs piles one day. In this way, can reduce the project time and save labor cost.

Our engineers go to their job site to guide them operating the machine, actually very easy. They learn it in one day. And it helps them to finish the project in time.

Actually, the pile breaker is also a safe way. As the workers no need to touch the piles. Can just operate by remote or by the excavator. Then can reduce the chance of workers being injured.

Just as the above,Pile breaker has advantages like high cutting efficiency, low noise, dust-free and safe operation. as well as save labor cost, and can Protect the pile body as it has no vibration.

Why choose us?

There are some pile breaker suppliers in the market, why choose Unimate? 

First, more reasonable structure to reduce failure rate.

The main structure advantage is we optimized the oil cylinder installing way and alloy head connecting way.

For other suppliers, for cylinder, the stress point at the bolt, making the bolts breakable during operation.

While for our design, the entire structural component is stressed so as to fundamentally solve the bolt breaking problem.

Second, is our fast delivery and good after sale service.

Usually we will keep stock, so can deliver in 7 to 10days at most. This is important to our customers, because project always urgent.

We make this machine most easy to operate and will send assemble and operation guide, so customers can handle it by themselves, really convenient.

Third, our price is very favorable compare with European brand. But function very mature so can save cost for the client.

What’s more, we will offer some spare parts for free, so customers can use it for two years no worry. And we offer 1 Year warranty. We sell over 300unit one year, our machines are serving all over the world.