Zoomlion Crawler Crane QUY650 2020

Brand: Zoomlion


Model: QUY650


Year of manufacture: 2020


Used hours: 700+h


Specifications: Wind power operating conditions
108 meters + 7 meters, goose head arm 7 meters, hook 160 tons, counterweight 250 tons, 12 road base plates


Location: Changsha, Hunan

  • High-end configuration ensures equipment safety and reliability
    1), using Daimler-Mercedes Benz also imported high-power electronic injection engine, strong power, the fuel injection volume can be automatically adjusted according to the speed, more energy-saving
    2), high-precision, high-strength slewing bearing, high strength, good toughness, stable rotation, high reliability, long service life
    3) The boom is made of imported high-strength pipes, the pull plate is made of 960 high-strength plate imported from Sweden, and the main structural parts are made of high-strength steel to ensure the strong lifting performance and safety and reliability of the vehicle:
    4). Electro-hydraulic proportional control system: The system realizes the full automatic matching of engine power, torque and hydraulic system power, torque and speed for optimal control.
    5) High efficiency and energy saving: The system adopts the matching form of variable piston pump and variable motor. When the crane is idling and not operating, the power consumption of the entire hydraulic system is close to zero, reducing unnecessary power waste such as system heating. When work is required, the system can complete the work instructions in a timely and efficient manner
    6) Automatic temperature adjustment function of the hydraulic system: When the oil temperature of the system exceeds 45 degrees Celsius, the system automatically dissipates heat to ensure the normal operation of the system.
    7) Multi-action combination: With full consideration of safety during system design, the hydraulic system can achieve a combination of multiple actions, further improving the efficiency of construction operations.
    8). Closed slewing system: All series of crawler cranes adopt closed slewing control system, which has precise and stable micro-movement performance and can meet demanding installation operation requirements.
    9) Leakage-free ferrule joints: The entire hydraulic system pipeline connection uses internationally renowned brand ferrule joints, which can be more widely adapted to high temperature and cold environments without leakage.
    10) Complete emergency operating system: When the PLC control system fails, the emergency operating system can be used to complete the operation.
    11). Various action speeds can be set arbitrarily. Set the speed setting area on the main page of the digital display system. Users can set the system speed arbitrarily according to actual needs. Each speed is infinitely variable.
    12). Multiple choice of engine throttle speed control. The system is equipped with foot pedal, manual throttle, automatic throttle, etc. Users can choose at any time according to the actual situation.
    13). Vibration prompts for all hoisting operations. There is a vibrator on the operating handle, and this vibrator reflects the corresponding winch action. That is, when a certain winch moves, the vibrator on the corresponding handle will vibrate. The faster the speed, the higher the frequency of vibration.
    14). It is equipped with a real-time center of gravity detection system, which can detect the position of the center of gravity and calculate the track ground pressure in real time.


  • Excellent operating characteristics
    1). Wide operating range. The operating equipment is equipped with super-lifting mast and super-lifting counterweight. The super-lifting counterweight operating range is divided into 13m and 15m, which greatly increases the lifting capacity of the crane.
    2) Using imported steel rope, the LEBUS drum is multi-layered and the rope is not messy. The reducer is built-in, with low noise, high efficiency, long life and easy oil change.
    3). Linear walking with 100% rated load.
    4) Various anti-tilt devices effectively prevent the boom from tipping backwards


  • Low cost of use
    1). Standard electric fuel pump, time-saving and convenient
    2) Equipped with a diesel-powered mobile pump station to mechanize the assembly of the entire machine and reduce the labor intensity of installation workers
    3). The main luffing mast, main luffing pulley group and main luffing winch can be removed at the same time (the pins are inserted and pulled out by the mobile pumping station).
    4) Main and auxiliary arms are set to save transportation vehicles and reduce transportation costs.


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