Sunward Drilling Rig SWDM220 2018



Model: SWDM220


Year of manufacture: 2018


Used hour: 6000h


Location: Changsha, Hunan


We have not only 1 set this model, also have this model with year of manufacture 2021. Contact us to get more details.

  • Super durable and reliable in load bearing

The drilling reaction force of the rotary drilling rig is transmitted from the drilling tool to the machine, and then from the machine to the ground. Each structural part of the machine bears the structural stress caused by the drilling force. Sunward Intelligent Rotary Drilling conducts various structural parts on the transmission chain. The unique design makes the machine structure more stable and load-bearing stronger.

1)Specialized chassis

Adopting a self-developed special telescopic structural chassis that is adapted to the actual working conditions of rotary excavation, the whole machine has high stability and can realize arbitrary construction within a 360-degree range, which is more conducive to the structural parts of the whole machine and ensures a balanced center of gravity.

2)Winch layout

The main and auxiliary winches are installed on the platform, which greatly reduces the rotational inertia of the upper part of the platform and the overturning moment of the working device, and improves the stability of the entire machine.

3) Square axis box structure

The mast deflection seat adopts a box-shaped square shaft box structure, which directly transmits the force of the mast to the luffing mechanism, eliminating the force exerted by the rotating drilling force on the weak link of the deflection seat, and improving the structural stability and reliability.

4)Drill mast structure

The drill mast adopts a high-strength anti-deformation design. The rectangular mast section is wider in the direction of the guide rail, which effectively reduces the structural stress of the mast and is more adaptable to rock-entry construction conditions with high-intensity dynamic loads.

5) Amplitude mechanism

The parallelogram adjustment mechanism adopts a wide design, with large structural size (i.e. large M size), and a large installation distance between the two drill mast luffing cylinders (i.e. large W size), which is equivalent to a large triangular structure. During hard stratum construction, the working device is stable Sex is better.

  • High configuration

The efficient and reliable engine matched with the high-power hydraulic transmission system is a strong guarantee for the strong power of the machine.
The advanced intelligent electronic control system can best bring out the performance of the machine. At the same time, the reasonable local structural design greatly reduces the easy wear and tear.

1) Engine

It adopts Cummins electronically injected turbocharged and intercooled engine, which has high reliability, fuel economy and high reserve power. The emission complies with European EPAC3 standards, is green and environmentally friendly, and can still operate normally in cold and high-altitude areas.

2)Hydraulic components

The hydraulic system developed in cooperation with the world’s leading component manufacturers improves the hydraulic energy conversion rate of the components and reduces the pipeline transmission loss of the system.

3) Multi-mode power head to achieve efficient drilling in different formations

According to different geological conditions, the power output mode can be selected to match the load, making the construction process more efficient and energy-saving.

  • Low cost

1) Roll over

In view of the construction characteristics of the main winch in rotary excavation, the main winch device is innovatively designed. The drum is divided into two layers of inner and outer ladders for carrying ropes, so that the most frequently used rope grinding section in rotary excavation can be effectively protected and the service life of the wire rope can be shortened. Extended by more than 100%.

2) The counterweight is self-loading and self-unloading.

The mast can be used for disassembly and assembly without the need for other lifting equipment, thus saving the cost of auxiliary equipment.

3) Power matching, fuel saving and high efficiency

The engine-hydraulic system-load global power is perfectly matched, and the hole forming efficiency is increased by 10%–25%; the hydraulic system is optimized to reduce system overflow loss, throttling loss, and pressure loss along the way, saving 7%-20% of fuel consumption.

  • Intelligent control for easy driving

The advanced intelligent control system gives full play to the performance of the equipment and makes the operation easy.

1)Safety protection measures

The cab adopts a special-shaped material frame structure, and a high-strength plate frame protective cover is installed on the front and top to provide maximum protection for the operator’s safety.

2) Auxiliary legs

The legs hidden in the lower mast not only provide auxiliary support for drilling construction, but can also accomplish some unexpected things.

3) Handle self-locking function

Proprietary electromagnetic locking handle, – key realizes handle positioning, getting rid of heavy manual labor.

4)GPS remote service

Using GPS. GIS. 2G/3G mobile communication technology, a remote operation and maintenance, monitoring and fleet collaborative operation control platform for rotary drilling rigs was built.

  • Multifunctional expansion and high value reflection

Shanhe intelligent rotary drilling rigs have a variety of configurations for you to choose from, realizing multi-function and diversified construction.

1) Pipe rubbing machine method

The main machine can be equipped with an external oil source interface for pipe rubbing machine construction, and the pipe rubbing machine construction method is used to effectively solve the problem of easy collapse in construction of quicksand, silt, backfill soil and other strata.

2) Protective drive construction method

The rotary drilling rig equipped with a protection slip driver can effectively and quickly bury the protection slips, and can play obvious advantages in backfill soil layers, shallow sand and gravel layers, and limestone layers with multiple caves. The optional casing driver can ensure the verticality of the protective cylinder and effectively prevent collapse. The drilling rig and the lower protective cylinder can be operated at the same time to improve the efficiency of the drilling rig.

3) CFA long spiral drilling machine method

The CFA long auger drilling method can realize continuous pile drilling and grouting. It is a new composite foundation treatment method with high construction efficiency, especially for small holes, dry holes, and shallow holes. Its advantages are particularly obvious.

4) High-speed soil throwing power head

It can be equipped with a power head with high-speed soil throwing function, and the soil throwing speed reaches 70rpm to realize the high-speed soil throwing function.


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