SUNWARD 250 Second-Hand Rotary Drilling Rig



Model: 250



Superb durability and reliable load bearing

The drilling reaction force of a rotary drilling rig is transmitted from the drilling tool to the machine and then from the machine to the ground, and the various structural parts of the machine are subjected to the structural stress caused by the drilling force.

The unique design of each structural member in the transmission chain of the rotary drilling rig makes the machine more stable in structure and stronger in load bearing.

▲ Special chassis

The special telescopic structure chassis developed independently and adapted to the actual working load of the rotary excavator, which makes the whole machine more stable and can achieve arbitrary construction in a 360-degree range, which is more conducive to the structural members of the whole machine and ensures the balance of the center of gravity.

▲ Winch arrangement

The main and secondary winches are installed on the platform, which greatly reduces the rotary inertia of the upper part of the platform and the tipping moment of the working device, improving the stability of the whole machine.

Drilling mast structure

The mast is designed to resist deformation and has a rectangular mast section, which is wider in the direction of the guide rails, effectively reducing the structural stress on the mast and making it more adaptable to rock entry working conditions with high dynamic loads.

▲ Variable width mechanism

The parallelogram adjustment mechanism is designed with a wide sub, which has a large structural size (i.e. large M size) and a large installation distance between the two drilling mast luffing cylinders (i.e. large W size), which is equivalent to a large triangular structure and provides better stability of the working device when working in hard ground.

▲ Square shaft box structure

The mast deflector adopts a box-type square shaft box structure, which transmits the force from the mast directly to the luffing mechanism, eliminating the force exerted by the rotating drilling force on the weak link of the deflector, and improving the structural stability and reliability.

High configuration

The efficient and reliable engine with high power hydraulic transmission system is a strong guarantee for the strong power of the machine, and the advanced intelligent electronic control system is the best way to bring out the efficiency of the machine, while the reasonable local structure design greatly reduces the wear and tear.

▲ Engine

Cummins EFI turbocharged intercooled engine with high reliability, fuel economy and high reserve power. The engine has high reliability, fuel economy and high reserve power. The emission meets the European EPAC3 standard, which is green and can still run normally in high cold and high altitude areas.

▲ Hydraulic components

Hydraulic system developed in cooperation with world component manufacturers to improve the hydraulic energy conversion rate of components and reduce pipeline transmission losses of the system.

▲ multi-mode power head for efficient drilling in different strata

The power output mode can be selected to match the load for different geological conditions, making the construction process more efficient and energy-saving.

Low Cost

▲ Patented drum

The main winch device is innovatively designed to meet the construction characteristics of the main winch of rotary excavation. Through the design of the drum with two layers of rope carrying grooves in the inner and outer steps, the most frequently used wear rope section of rotary excavation is effectively protected, and the service life of the wire rope is extended by more than 100%.

▲ Self-assembling and self-unloading with counterweight

The mast can be used to dismantle and assemble the weight without other lifting equipment, saving the cost of auxiliary equipment.

▲ Power matching, fuel saving and high efficiency

The engine – hydraulic system – load global power match perfectly, hole formation efficiency increased by 10%-25%; hydraulic system optimization, reduce the system overflow loss, throttling loss, along-stroke pressure loss, saving fuel consumption 7%-20%.

▲ Intelligent control Easy driving

The advanced intelligent control system fully exploits the performance of the machine while making operation easy.

▲ Cab

The cab is made of profile skeleton structure, and the front and top are equipped with high-strength sheet metal frame shield to give maximum protection to the operator’s safety.

▲ Auxiliary outriggers

The legs hidden in the lower mast not only provide auxiliary support for drilling work but can also do unexpected things for you.

▲ Safety precautions

The rig has been designed with safety in mind to give you peace of mind during the construction process.

▲ Self-locking handle function

The unique electromagnetic locking handle allows you to position the handle with a single click, freeing you from heavy manual labor.

GPS Remote Service

GPS, GIS and 2G/3G mobile communication technologies are used to build a remote operation and maintenance, monitoring and control platform for rotary drilling rigs.


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