Sany Drilling Rig SR215 2021

Brand: SANY


Model: SR215


Year of manufacture: 2021


Used hour: 5000h


Location: Xian, Shanxi


1. Efficient construction: The lifting and rotation speeds are upgraded for fast and efficient construction; the high-efficiency and energy-saving positive control hydraulic system provides fast control response; the power head can be equipped with an optional two-speed reducer for powerful soil rejection.

2. Excellent performance: The torque and pressure are increased, and the drilling force is powerful for shaking soil; the larger main coil lifting force, matched with large-sized drill pipes, improves the construction capacity of silt and clay strata.

3. Abundant power: Brand-new National IV engine, upgraded with electronically controlled fuel injection, turbocharging, etc., the power is efficient; multi-gear gold power control technology gives full play to the system efficiency and the power output is more powerful.

4. Intelligent control: Intelligent functions such as handle memory, automatic soil shaking, automatic soil shaking, etc. relieve operator fatigue; high-definition ultra-thin display screen, new touch interface, comprehensive information, settings, and alarms; Yiweixun dedicated With the Xiang APP, real-time device information is at your fingertips.

5. Reliable and durable: The mast, luffing machine, platform and other key parts have been strengthened in design and passed rigorous factory testing and fully verified by the market. The structure is durable and reliable; the large-sized drill pipe is not afraid of complex geology, is solid and durable and has a long service life.

6. Driving comfort: The new, wider version of the cab provides comfortable operation and a wide field of vision; new experiences such as multi-function integrated display, automatic temperature swing air conditioning, and fashionable media interface make operation comfortable.

7. Convenient maintenance: optional centralized lubrication system, automatic lubrication at key points; centralized arrangement of engine filters, convenient maintenance; optional transport folding oil cylinder, labor-saving and convenient; double-door design on both sides, large maintenance space.


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