Sany Crawler Crane SCC900A 2020

Brand: SANY


Model: SCC900A


Year of manufacture: 2020


Used hour: 3000h


Specifications: Isuzu engine, hook 50/9.


Location: Yuhuan, Zhejiang


We have not only 1 set this model, also have this model with year of manufacture 2020. Contact us to get more details.

  • Comfort
    The fully sealed steel frame structure is adopted, and large areas of high-strength tempered glass are installed on the front, sides and top, with good light transmittance. The cab is spacious and bright, with a wider field of vision and better sound insulation and noise reduction performance. The suspended, multi-degree-of-freedom adjustable seat provides the operator with the most comfortable driving experience. The design of the air outlet of the air conditioner is more reasonable. The integrated 10.4-inch touch screen and programmable smart button switch are adopted, and the human-computer dialogue interface is more perfect. The left armrest box is equipped with a slewing\auxiliary reel hydraulic control cross handle, control switch, emergency stop, radio, air conditioning panel, etc. The right armrest box is equipped with a main reel\amplitude hydraulic control cross handle, as well as control knobs such as ignition, engine throttle speed regulation, and winch speed regulation. Front walking foot pedal and walking joystick. The customer experience is more humane.
  • Closed-circuit monitoring system
    The display can display up to four monitoring screens at the same time. It can realize real-time monitoring of the wire rope winding of each winch mechanism, the status behind the counterweight and the situation around the equipment.
  • Engine
    Manufacturer specifications: ISUZU 6HK1 (Tier3); ▪ Rated power: 212kW/2000rpm; ▪ Total displacement: 7.79L; ▪ Maximum torque: 1080N·m/1500rpm.
  • Electrical control system
    Adopting the SYIC-2 integrated control system independently developed by Sany, the system has high system integration and precise operation. The control system is mainly composed of power supply system, engine system, main control system, torque limiter system, auxiliary system and safety monitoring system. The main electrical components adopt international or well-known brands in the industry, and can operate stably in harsh environments such as high cold, high temperature, plateau and strong wind and sand.
    CAN bus technology is used for data communication between the controller, display and engine.
  • Hydraulic system
    The main pump adopts a variable piston pump, and the winch motor adopts a stepless adjustable variable piston motor. The mechanism has a high operating speed, and the hydraulic system is more energy-saving, efficient and reliable.
    The lifting and compound actions are efficient, and the micro-motion performance of each action is excellent.
    The hydraulic system has strong heat dissipation capacity, better thermal balance and stronger climate adaptability.
  • Slewing mechanism
    Internal meshing slewing drive can rotate 360°;
    Slewing lock: equipped with a slewing locking device, the turntable can be reliably locked when the work is completed or transported;
    Slewing bearing: single-row ball slewing bearing;
    Slewing speed: 0~2.5rpm.
  • Main and auxiliary lifting mechanism
    The main and auxiliary winches are driven separately, and the drum is directly driven by the winch motor through the reducer. By operating the winch handle, the drum can be rotated in two directions, that is, the lifting and lowering of the hook, and it has good micro-speed performance.
    The multi-layer winding of the folding drum ensures that the rope is not tangled.
    The main and auxiliary reels can be equipped with free drop hooks.


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