Sany Crawler Crane SCC2500 2010

Brand: SANY


Model: SCC2500


Year of manufacture: 2010


Used hours: 18000h


Location: Changsha, Hunan


1. Safe control system: The two operating modes of work and installation are convenient and reliable; equipped with real-time level display, off-machine stop action, emergency electrical control, lightning protection, automatic walking direction adjustment, closed-circuit monitoring and other functions, safe and Complete monitoring system;

2. New hoisting working conditions design: using a 19.5m main arm + 7m fixed jib, which can meet the hoisting requirements of shield machines for subway construction and similar products; and without the need for an auxiliary crane, the shield machine can turn over on its own; The maximum lifting weight of the auxiliary hook can reach 80t. The installed high-definition camera can observe the position of the lifted load from multiple angles. The moment limiter can dynamically reflect the load of the main hook and auxiliary hook;

3. Excellent operating performance: load sensing, limit load adjustment and electro-hydraulic proportional micro-speed control make each action micro-movement excellent and the operation smoother;

4. Reliable function guarantee: all key components are from internationally renowned brands; the structure and mechanism design have sufficient safety margins; the control system can operate stably in harsh environments such as cold, high temperatures, plateaus, and strong winds and sand;

5. Convenient maintenance technology: the access time to parts that require adjustment is no more than 10 minutes per person, the access time to parts that require routine maintenance is no more than 30 minutes per person, and the maximum access time for maintenance is no more than 2 hours per person. It is also equipped with a GPS remote monitoring system for the convenience of users. Perform equipment maintenance and management;

6. Powerful lifting capacity;

7. Efficient self-loading and unloading technology: the whole machine can be installed and disassembled by itself, and the main engine installation only takes 3 hours: the mast is raised with one button and the patented synchronous control technology has independent property rights;

8. Large chassis design: The chassis with a track gauge of 6.m ensures excellent operating stability within the 360° rotation range;

9.100% traveling with load: The powerful walking traction and smooth walking bring the advantages of crawler cranes to the extreme;

10. Wide adaptability: Complies with CE, North America, Australia, Russia and Taiwan certification requirements and European and American off-highway Stage III emission standards.


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