Unimate Mounted Vibro Hammer for Excavator

Excavator mounted vibro hammer is one of the most commonly used vibro hammer on the market. It has a 360-degree rotation disc and 180-degree rotation arm. For the vice arm, we can make it in 2m or 2.5m long.

It's for driving and pulling sheet pile, H pile and casings, round steel pile, the small size of concrete pile. When we are doing a steel pile or concrete pile, we just need to change the clamp. We have 5 models. The drill depth from 6m to 18m with an extra-long boom. Each type requires a different tonnage excavator.

Maybe someone would think some clients will still prefer European vibro hammer, even price higher. But they just need a chance to let them try China products. For example, we have an NZ client, before they all use European products, last year after seeing many of our cases, they decide to try our excavator Mounted Vibro. They were surprised to find our hammer can meet their requirement, and save costs at the same time. So this year, more NZ client take vibro from us, because they already see the product.

We offer a 1-year warranty, And for after-sales services,online or engineers on site for the equipment installing/training are available. We have full details like Video, instruction manual to help our clients.