Two Types of Mud Desanders for Bored Piling in Different Landform Construction Sites

Mud Desanders are necessary for bored piling construction sites if the land formation consist of sand and other types of fine soils. The cyclones and filters in a mud desander can separate the soil from the drilling fluids as the drilling happens at a fast speed. When sand and silt are separated from drilling fluids in time by the desanders, the drilling buckets are more efficient, and the entire drilling process is safer.

There are two gradients in the setup of mud desanders used for bored piling, with one cyclone, or two cyclones.

The single cyclone mud desander for bored piling is the most commonly used standard machine that can be found on sandy bored piling construction sites. The mixture of fluids and sand go through the desander passing one cyclone, only removing larger sand particles.

The double cyclone mud desander have two cyclones, therefore, the sludge mixture go pass through the filtering process twice. This type of mud desander for bored piling are suitable for construction sites with more defined sands, with higher requirement for the filtering process to fully separate the solids from the fluids.

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