Trench Cutting Re-mixing Deep Wall Machine

Model: TRD7095, TRD4585


Wall Width Range: 550-950mm.

Wall Depth Range: Max 70m.



1)Projects: For anti-penetration in areas with abundant groundwater, used in subways, large shopping malls, dam reinforcement, contaminated soil treatment and other projects.

2)Geology: For clay soil, sand, gravel and gravel layers. It also has good applicability in dense sand layers with a penetration value of 30~60 and soft rocks with a saturated uniaxial compressive strength not exceeding 10MPa..


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Working Principle

1. After the chain-blade cutting tool is cut vertically and continuously to the design depth, it is pushed horizontally and injected with cement slurry to form a continuous, equal thickness and seamless cement wall.

2. Insert core material (H-shaped steel, etc.) into the cement mixing wall of equal thickness to form a composite retaining and water stop structure.

Part Project Unit TRD7095 TRD7095 TRD4585 TRD4585
Engine power kw 410 110X3+6 257 110X2+55+6
Power type Diesel Engine Electric engine Diesel Engine Electric engine
Hydraulic system rated pressure Mpa 34 34 34 34
Total traffic L/min 830 980 720 760
Maximum cutting depth m 70 70 45 45
Wall width mm 50~950 50~950 50~850 50~850
Chain speed m/min 0~72 0~85 0~60 0~65
Cutting force t 35.5 35.5 35.5 35.5
Breaking tension t 110 110 110 110
Drive lift stroke mm 4550 4550 4550 4550
Lifting force/pressing force kN 2235 2235 1500 1500
Transverse travel of drive unit mm 1200 1200 1200 1200
Lateral push/pull force kN 1180 1180 720 720
Diagonal support cylinder stroke mm 1000 1000 1000 1000
Column left and right tilt angle ° ±5 ±5 ±5 ±5
Mast front and rear tilt angle ° ±6 ±6 ±6 ±6
Chassis parameters Height above ground mm 495 495 425 425
Counterweight weight t 30 30 30 30
Track shoe width mm 850 850 760 760
Maximum track center distance mm 4250 4250 4050 4050
Transport track center distance mm 2450 2450 2540 2540
Center distance from drive wheel to tensioner wheel mm 6350 6350 5260 5260
Walking speed m/min 3 3 3.5 3.5
Machine Parameters Operating Weight t 120(cutting box not included) 120(cutting box not included) 105(cutting box not included) 105(cutting box not included)

1. The cement is evenly mixed, and the unconfined compressive strength is 0.5-2.5MPa;

2. The wall has good water resistance, and the permeability coefficient canreach 1×10-6 cm/s to 1×10-7 cm/s in sandy soil;

3. The spacing of the interpolated profiles can be evenly arranged withequal spacing, and the rigidity of the enclosure is more uniform;

4. The maximum height of construction machinery is generally not more than 12 meters, and the center of gravity of construction frame is low, with good stability.


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