KM Series Clamshell Telescopic Arm For Excavator

Model: KM150 KM220 KM260

Equiped with: CAT318D/318DL, CAT323D/323DL, CAT336D/336DL

Deepth: 15m, 22m, 27m

KM Series Clamshell Telescopic Arm

Our telescopic arm for excavators is designed to complete complex underground construction projects. Excavators with telescopic arms have a longer reach and are more efficient than long-reach excavators. Ideal for busy urban environments, it is compact, quiet and offers excellent visibility to ensure projects are completed safely and efficiently.

Working Range of KM260
Equiped with CAT336D/336DL Excavator


  • The body is designed and fabricated using high strength steel plates to increase the life span by more than 50%.
  • Maintenance holes are designed along the structure for easy maintenance of wire rope.
  • Modular design is adopted to efficiently match with the chassis of the different brands of excavator resulting in the multi-functional usage of the excavator to effectively lower the cost of investment.
  • The use of wire rope specially designed for construction machinery, coupled with the well-designed pulley layout to reduce the wear and tear of the wire rope to improve its service life.
  • Mature and reliable touchdown protection technology is adopted to prevent the wire rope from twisting thereby to improve the service life of the wire rope and to reduce the rate of failure.
  • Unimate telescopic arm is a special working device to be installed on the boom of the excavator. Compared with the bigger rotary radius required by an extended arm, Unimate telescopic arm is a flexible tool for deep excavation within a restricted area.



Technical Specifications Of The Bucket

Type KS03 KS06 KS12
Max.cylinder stroke(mm) 380 380 380
Max.cylinder pressure(bar) 200 200 200
Max,cylinder flow(L/min) 70 70 70
Bucket length(close/open)(mm) 1600/1790 1995/2210 1995/2210
Bucket height(close/open)(mm) 2930/2510 3135/2510 3135/2510
Bucket width(mm) 765 765 1200
Bucket capacity(m3) 0.3 0.6 1.2
Total weight(t) 0.8 1.1 1.5
Excavator size(t) >=15 >=23 >=36

Technical Specifications Of The Arm

Type KM150 KM220 KM260
Excavator size(t) ≥15t ≥23t ≥36t
A Max.vertical digging depth (mm) 15200 22490 27180
B Max.vertical digging depth (reach Max. working radius)(mm) 4670 5845 6400
C Max.vertical digging radius(mm) 6430 7445 8530
D Digging depth (reach Max.vertical digging radius)(mm) 11825 19920 22370
E Max.working radius(mm) 7950 9835 11250
F Max.unloading soil height(mm) 2870 4465 5770
G Min.turning radius (mm) 3980 4485 5460
H Height of Min.turning radius(mm) 9475 13580 16675
Weight(Kg) 3600 4600 5600
Bucket Capacity(m³) 0.3 0.6 1.2
  • Quick and convenient city vertical solid construction tooling is convenient for small and solid construction space.
  • Widely used in the deep foundation pit of the bridge, Metro, and Metro Covered excavation, dredging excavation works.
  • Easy maintenance, low cost and high yield; Reliable telescopic structure of steel wire rope, largely improving the wire rope service life.
  • Design in strict accordance with the safety standard of EU EN16228, satisfying the requirements of dynamic and static stability, ensuring the construction safety.


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