Friction Kelly Bar 3-6 sections Diameter 355mm to 630mm Customizable

Application: Friction kelly bars are normally supplied in 4 or 5 telescopic elements, they are mostly used for deep piles of silt, clay and less dense sand and gravel.


Kelly sections: Kelly bar 3-6 sections.


Type: Interlocking/friction/combined kelly bar.


Size:Diameter range from 355mm-630mm.


Warranty: One year.


Friction Kelly bar is another type of kelly bar, which the external key is composed of 3 or 6 wear -resistant strips without lock recesses. This kelly bar can form pressure force when the kelly bar is rotary. can produce peripheral force and the rotary passing down the pressure force, can produce the friction force. This kelly bar has the advantage of operating sample, drilling deep, but with less pressure transmission.



Model Drilling depth(m) A(mm) B(mm) D(mm) Total weight(T)
5 sections Friction φ377-5*10m 45 10190 46700 11400 5.08
5 sections Friction φ377-5*12m 55 12190 56700 13400 6.10
5 sections Friction φ406-5*13m 58 13075 60800 14570 8.02
5 sections Friction φ406-5*15m 68 15075 70800 16570 9.27
5 sections Friction φ445-5*13m 58 13075 60800 14570 9.79
5 sections Friction φ445-5*15m 68 15075 70800 16570 11.30
5 sections Friction φ419-5*13m 58 13075 60800 14570 8.98
5 sections Friction φ419-5*15m 68 15075 70800 16570 10.17
5 sections Friction φ470-5*13m 58 13075 60800 14570 11.05
5 sections Friction φ470-5*15m 68 15075 70800 16570 12.75
6 sections Friction φ508-6*13m 68 13075 60800 14580 12.7
6 sections Friction φ508-6*15m 81 15075 70800 16580 14.65
6 sections Friction φ580-6*18m 99 18050 98000 19750 20.54
6 sections Friction φ580-6*20m 110 20050 110000 21750 22.82
5 sections Friction φ530-5*16m 72 16050 88000 17750 15.30
5 sections Friction φ530-5*18m 82 18050 98000 19750 17.21
6 sections Friction φ630-6*20m 110 20050 113300 21700 25.89
6 sections Friction φ630-6*24m 130 24050 137300 25700 31.07
Other types can be manufactured as per customers’ demand.
  • The most professional R&D and production team


The core R&D, processing and production personnel are all from the leading enterprises of this industry, with more than ten years of experience in the design and manufacture of kelly bars. We have provided tailor-made Kelly bar and technical services for almost all the well-known brand names of rotary drilling rigs both at home and abroad.


  • Top quality special steel materials


The steel pipe used in the Kelly bar comes from the selected materials made by first-class steel enterprises at home and abroad. The yield strength and service life are more than doubled compared with the general-purpose products, meeting the rigorous requirements in drilling soft soil and various strata.


  • The cutting-edge manufacturing technology


The core parts of Kelly bar, such as square head, driving keys, and pressurizing point are made of imported steel, and go through special heat treatment and surface strengthening treatment, which not only features high yield strength, wear resistance, impact resistance, strain capacity, welding property and corrosion resistance, but also meets the high reliability requirements of kelly bar in the construction ofhard rock, large diameter and super deep piles.


From the strict control of raw materials to multi-layer and multi-step precise welding, we comply with strict quality standards and monitoring systems in all aspects of kelly bar production to ensure 100% high standard quality. We are also the first kelly bar manufacturer in China to provide customers with a one-year warranty.

Packing and Delivery


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