PIT(pile integrity tester) VS Ultrasonic cross-hole detector

What is PIT?

The PIT(pile integrity tester) is a device specially used to detect the integrity of the pile body and evaluate the quality of the pile body. The PIT pile integrity tester uses the low strain method (also known as the reflection wave method, pulse echo method or transient response method) for testing. This method generates stress waves by applying a transient impact force to the top of the pile and propagates along the pile. When encountering impedance changes in the pile body (such as cracks, shrinkage, mud inclusions, cavities, etc.), the stress wave will generate a reflection wave. By analyzing the characteristics of the reflection wave, the integrity and quality of the pile body can be evaluated.


- Comprehensive detection functions:

The PIT pile integrity tester can detect potentially dangerous defects in the pile body, such as cracks, shrinkage, mud inclusions, voids, etc.

Under certain conditions, it can also determine the length of the foundation pile, and use the dual-speed test method to detect the foundation piles under the existing foundation (such as supporting bridges or high-rise buildings).

- Easy and fast operation:

No pre-planning and pipe laying are required when using PIT detection. The on-site detection speed is fast and can be operated by one person, which greatly improves work efficiency.

The measured signal can be processed and calculated on-site using PIT, or transmitted to a computer for further analysis using PIT-W software.

- Portable and durable:

The PIT device is small in size and light in weight, making it easy to carry to various engineering sites.

The built-in rechargeable battery can work all day without frequent battery replacement or charging.

- Easy to operate:

The PIT uses an easy-to-operate touch screen and a user-friendly interface, making operation simpler and more intuitive.

- Economical and practical:

Due to the fast on-site detection speed and simple use, it becomes economical and feasible to test the integrity of all foundation piles on site.


- Technology dependence:

There are certain requirements for the skill level of the operator, and certain professional knowledge and experience are required to accurately determine the nature, location and degree of pile body defects.

- Environmental factors:

Although the PIT pile body integrity tester is widely used in the field, its detection effect may be affected to a certain extent in certain special environments (such as extreme weather, complex geological conditions, etc.).

- Data processing:

Although the measured signal can be processed and calculated on site, for complex data analysis, it may be necessary to use professional computer software (such as PIT-W software) for further processing, which may require additional equipment and skills.

- Limitations:

For some specific types of pile body defects or problems, the PIT pile body integrity tester may not provide accurate detection results or solutions.

PIT pile integrity tester is widely used in civil engineering, construction engineering, bridge engineering and other fields, and is of great significance to ensure the quality and safety of pile foundation. By using this equipment, quality problems of pile body can be found in time, providing scientific basis and decision support for engineering.

What is ultrasonic cross-hole detector?

The cross-hole detector is an advanced geotechnical engineering testing equipment, which is mainly used to determine the concrete quality and consistency between the acoustic test pipe pairs through the cross-hole acoustic wave test technology. The working principle of the cross-hole detector is based on the propagation characteristics of ultrasound in the medium. It uses a transmitting probe to transmit high-frequency ultrasonic signals in a certain acoustic test pipe. These signals pass through the concrete and are received by the receiving probe in another acoustic test pipe. By analyzing the propagation speed, attenuation and other parameters of ultrasound in concrete, the quality and uniformity of concrete can be evaluated.


- Powerful functions:

The cross-hole detector can detect the internal mechanical properties, defects, joints, etc. of large concrete and rock structures, meeting various testing requirements.

Equipped with a large-capacity expandable electronic hard disk and a high-energy nickel-hydrogen battery to meet the needs of long-term field work.

- Advanced technology:

Using impact elastic waves and vibration as the test media, it is compatible with a variety of domestic and foreign technologies and the company's proprietary technology, and has the advantages of high test accuracy and wide application range.

In the process of continuous data collection, the current measurement point waveform is displayed in real time, the sound parameters are automatically judged, and the direction and distance of the transducer movement are sensed through the pulley to generate an intuitive depth-waveform image.

- Convenient testing:

It can measure the internal structure within a range of 50m at a time, which is flexible and fast.

All test items use the same test platform, and only need to switch simply to complete other test items.

- Reliable performance:

The main components are imported from the United States, Japan and other countries, with high reliability and durability.

Provide a large number of engineering application results and have strong technical support capabilities.

- Easy to operate:

Dual selection of touch screen and remote control operation, one person can also test, with high efficiency.


- High equipment cost:

Due to the technical characteristics of high precision and high performance, the cross-hole detector has excellent manufacturing materials and technology, so the equipment price is relatively high.

- Requires professional skills:

Although the operation is simple, the use of the cross-hole detector still requires certain professional skills, and training and qualification certification are required before use.

- Difficult maintenance:

The cross-hole detector requires maintenance during use, which is difficult to maintain, especially when it is used frequently and in large quantities, the maintenance of the equipment will also cause certain cost pressure.

- Heavy equipment weight:

Due to the complicated internal equipment of the cross-hole detector, it is heavy, and safety needs to be paid attention to during installation and movement, and it is not convenient to carry at any time.

- High requirements for drilling:

The main disadvantage of the cross-hole method is that it has a high requirement for the plumbness of the drilled hole, and the number of drilled holes is large, which is costly.

Ultrasonic cross-hole detectors are widely used in the following fields:

- Geotechnical engineering: used to detect the integrity of piles of various types of concrete foundations, such as bored piles, screw piles, cast-in-place piles, continuous walls, etc.

- Geological exploration: Detecting geological structures through cross-hole acoustic wave testing technology provides strong support for geological exploration.

- Construction engineering: In construction engineering, cross-hole detectors can be used to evaluate the quality and uniformity of concrete structures to ensure building safety.

Generally, as the difference of working principle, the PIT pile integrity tester focuses more on the detection of pile integrity and quality, while the cross-hole detector focuses more on geological detection and pile foundation detection in geotechnical engineering.

PIT is easier to operate and less expensive lower costs. While the test data of the cross-hole detector is more concise and easy to analyze, and the test results are more detailed.

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