Happy 13th Anniversary Drillmaster!

Mr. Shen Chao and Mr. Shen Deyi established China Uni Business Holding Co., Ltd. in Hong Kong in 2009, and began their lifelong adventure in the construction machinery export industry.

In 2011, Drillmaster was officially established. A production plant in Liuyang was built to satisfy the increasingly diverse market demand and accomplish the aim of "integrating manufacturing and supply" and "building our supply chain."

The technical staff was inspired to innovate in 2012, at a pivotal point in the company's development and industry shift. We successfully constructed the first multi-functional micropile drilling rig, reaching a milestone from 0 to 1 for the company's technological strength.

We always adhere to the concept of "technology-driven production" and "R&D-driven market" and believe technology innovation to be the driving force behind development. As a result, Drillmaster was awarded the national high-tech enterprise certificate in 2013 and successfully ranked among the first echelon of technology in the industry.

We established Beijing Unimate Technology Co. in 2015 to enhance the company's existing product lines, improve its supply chain system, and extend market penetration.

In 2015, we established Beijing Unidrill Technology Co., Ltd., and opened a new chapter in the company's export of engineering drilling tools.

In 2017, Hunan Drillmaster Engineering Technology Co., Ltd. was officially established, and Unimate Group was officially renamed Drillmaster Group. Then, we relocated its headquarters to Xingsha International Enterprise Centre due to the development and growth of the business.

To promote the technical exchanges, the first international construction method exchange meeting was successfully held in 2018. The following year, the Group successfully held an international large-scale construction method exchange meeting in Guangzhou. Many well-known specialists attended the two exchange events, paving the way for the group's growth in the worldwide construction machinery field.

Drillmaster Group established Wuhan Unidrill Technology Co., Ltd. in 2019 to expand our product portfolio.

In 2020, the first cross-border online live broadcast was launched and was interviewed by CCTV.

In 2020, Zoy Technology Co., Ltd. was established to enter the medical device industry.

In 2022, Imachine Technology Co., Ltd. was established to enter the second-hand construction machinery and equipment export industry.

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