Drilling Rig Bore Piling Kelly Bar Pictures of UNIDRILL Brand

These are the pictures of UNIDRILL piling rig kelly bar, the real piling kelly bar pictures from UNIDRILL bore piling kelly bar manufacturer. UNIDRILL bore pile drilling kelly bar factory has been established more than 10 years, over the past ten years, through the strict requirements of high quality of UNIDRILL piling kelly bar, strict regulations on after-sales service of UNIDRILL kelly bar sales team. UNIDRILL bore piling kelly bar have been used in many well-known large-scale projects at home and abroad, eg, huge bridge construction, construction of subway project and airport project, etc.

Why UNIDRILL kelly bar could be highly recognized by foundation construction parties ? since use UNIDRILL kelly bar for bore pile drilling have more work efficiency, and Unidrill rotary piling rig kelly bar has both longer service and lower failure rate, this could save the cost for maintenance. Project contractors know that whether the kelly bar is durable or not will directly determines the efficiency and cost of construction.