Construction of horizontal directional drilling machine(HDD machine)

HDD machine become more and more popular because it’s convenience and efficiency. And how many construction steps are there for HDD machine? Let’s know more detials in this article.

Before starting the project, the pipelines on the line should be explored. If there are wells, open the wells for measurement. If there are no wells, call the operator to confirm with them.

Release the drilling site control line and equipment placement position line according to the design disclosure (pile) and construction drawings to ensure that the center line of the drilling rig is in a straight line with the soil entry point and the soil extraction point.

According to the geological conditions of the traversing, select the appropriate pilot drill bit, start the mud pump to drill to the correct soil entry point, the drill bit will continue to advance under the thrust of the drilling rig, and the actual position of the drill bit must be measured every time a drill pipe is drilled, so as to Adjust the drilling direction of the drill bit in a timely manner to ensure that the completed pilot hole curve meets the design requirements. This is repeated until the drill bit is unearthed at the predetermined position and the entire pilot hole drilling operation is completed.

Adjust the angle and test the water flow. After the water flow is normal, drill according to the calculated angle.

Follow the pilot drill bit for guidance, and confirm and record the direction, angle, and depth of each drill pipe.

Drill out after reaching the depth and length we need. Under normal circumstances, the drill out will be unearthed in the opposite direction of drilling.

After the guidance is completed, the drill bit is replaced through the excavation point. Generally, the drill bit is changed from a small-level drill bit to a large-level drill bit, such as 300-400-500 progressive reaming. Each time the hole is reamed, check the torque and select to clear it first. Clear it until the torque is normal and then expand. Next level.

After the hole cleaning is completed, the torque is normal and the pipe is started to be pulled. Use a small first-stage expansion head to connect the transfer case and then connect the pipe to pull back.

There are also some precautions when using the drilling rig.

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