Application of polymer mud

  1. Application

- Protective wall principle of pilymer mud:

Under the condition of slurry head pressure (not less than 3m), the slurry enters the soil of the hole wall and combines with the soil to increase its cementation, thereby improving the shear strength of the soil and achieving the purpose of protecting the wall from collapse.

- Principle of slag removal:

During the drilling process, the generated drill cuttings are combined with the Neptune material components, quickly settle to the bottom of the hole, and are lifted out of the hole through the drill bucket, thereby achieving the purpose of slag removal.

- Applicable geology:

Loess, silt, silty clay, clay, sandy soil, silty fine sand, medium coarse sand, gravel sand, coarse and fine breccia soil, round gravel soil, pebbles with sand, high proportion of pebbles and other geology in fresh water environment. (Generally, the bearing capacity is not less than 160Kpa)

- Not applicable geology:

Plastic silty silty clay (such as Tianjin offshore, Yancheng, Nantong, Zhangjiagang, etc.), pressurized/strongly pressurized groundwater geology (the above-ground river area of the Yellow River, parts of Xinjiang, etc.), highly permeable layer (some river beds in Tibet and Qinghai) area), expanded soft rock geology (Wuhan Majia Lake, Ganzhou Xingguo County, Rizhao Ju County Shuhe River. See the video on the next page for details), extremely silt geology (commonly known as the quicksand layer next to the Yellow River).

- Working with drill bucket:

Suitable for double bottom drill bucket and single bottom drilling bucket with welding valve.

Not suitable for centrifugal drilling bucket.

2. Mud making method

- Mud making method in slurry tank

It is suitable for a team of personnel with rich experience in pulp making, and requires on-site personnel to be proficient in using viscometers.

Add chemical materials through the circulation pump port in the slurry tank to make slurry in advance. Only caustic soda (fire soda) needs to be added during drilling. After the slurry is returned to the slurry tank and clean water is added, chemical materials can be added in time to maintain normal working concentration.

- Mud making method at the orifice

Suitable for all teams. By calculating the amount of grout for the pile position (generally 1.1 times the amount of pouring square footage, and additional grout leakage), the amount of material is calculated in advance, placed on site, and flushed into the hole through water flow. After a short period of stirring, drilling can begin. . As the drilling depth increases, material is added intermittently to maintain the slurry concentration until the hole is formed.

- Do I need to add caustic soda when using chemical materials?

  1. In a clean environment (such as Yanqing, Beijing, near the Winter Olympics site, and the Ring Expressway), adding caustic soda to the use of chemical materials is the icing on the cake. Caustic soda can improve the pulping effect of chemical materials, thereby extending the service life of the slurry.
  2. In non-clean environments (such as black soil and black sand), it must be added. Caustic soda can neutralize humus in the soil, thereby improving the pulping effect of chemical materials and extending the service life of the slurry.

- How to distinguish the authenticity of caustic soda?

Genuine alkali flakes are smaller, thinner and translucent without any color. Dissolves quickly, leaves no residue, and generates significant heat.

Fake caustic soda flakes are larger, thicker, opaque, and have a light yellow or reddish tinge. It melts slowly, has residue that cannot be dissolved, and generates relatively little heat. Counterfeiters usually mix cheap industrial salt into genuine caustic soda to pass it off as inferior. The harm caused is: the complex composition of industrial salt will have an offsetting effect on Neptune materials.

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